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A New Approach to Insincere Questions

John CloverJohn Clover, Customer Success Lead at Heap
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On Quora, questions should represent sincere attempts to solicit answers. Our longstanding policy on question deletion states that admins and reviewers may delete a question if "the question is not a sincere attempt at eliciting good answers."

Sometimes on Quora, questions are posted for reasons other than genuine interest in answers. People may post a question to annoy or bait other users and/or to attract attention.

In the past, Quora has suggested that users deal with these questions by muting them and/or reporting them.

Today, we are announcing a more powerful way to reduce distribution of these questions.

We have created a new Needs Improvement topic -- Possibly Insincere Question. When applied, this topic will immediately and significantly reduce the distribution of the question -- limiting distribution only to people who are following the Possibly Insincere Question topic.

We are also publishing a related new policy which states that:
  1. Any person can apply the Possibly Insincere Question tag, but if you do so, you must also Report the question along with a specific explanation as to why you think the question is insincere.
  2. If the original proposer of the question (the "OP") or anyone else would like Quora Moderation to consider removing the Possibly Insincere Question tag, they should both (a) send an email to and (b) post a comment on the question. To be clear, since this is a moderation issue that involves the perceived intent of the OP, it is generally helpful if the OP (if originally anonymous) goes public on the question and reveals her identity. Quora Moderation will be more likely to remove the NI tag if they know the OP's name.
  3. If / when moderation settles the case of a specific question, they will post a comment on the page.
  4. Regardless of the question's phrasing or possible intent, Quora Moderation may decide to proactively remove the Possibly Insincere Question tag if a number of civil and helpful answers are posted on the page.

Thanks to the admin team, and those who helped out with this policy: Marc Bodnick, Tracey Bryan, Tatiana Estévez, Marcus Geduld, Ian C. Grieve, Quora User, and Quora User.



John Clover
John Clover
Customer Success Lead at Heap